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Customer Testimonials

Parents, Players and Friends 

Lee Miller


Mike is smart, thoughtful, and very engaging, as a GM. His combats are creative and interesting. Plus, he's just a nice guy who really throws himself into the process.

John W


I have been a long time D&D player, and have had the good fortune to play with Mike as the Game Master in different settings. As an adult, I can tell you that his stories and scenarios are engaging and well planned, but he is very adept at adjusting the direction of the story based on the players actions. This is something that not a lot of game masters can do, but Mike does it with ease. This is a crucial skill particularly in playing alongside kids, who will often throw you a very imaginative curve-ball with their play style! I have been in games Mike has run with kids and have first-hand experience in how well he can adjust the story to the level of the childs maturity. He can do this wile keeping the adults in the party engaged as well! He has infinite patience and would be a perfect match for either a first time player or someone with years of experience like myself.



Mike did an amazing job creating a D&D game/story that both our 6 and 10 year olds loved, and kept them absorbed and having fun for multiple hours, multiple days in a row! The oldest had wanted to play but we didn't know how to, and the youngest originally thought he'd just watch, but almost immediately decided he wanted to join in :-) . Thanks so much Mike!



Michael created a memorable and enjoyable evening that brought 2 teens and parents together through a shared adventure. For 4 hours, we laughed and cooperated with no phones at the table! That makes Michael magical without any spells!



My son joined the Kids After-school D & D and with Mike Knudsen and has absolutely loved it. I could go on and on about how valuable this program is. He has a safe place to spend time with his friends after school all working together in a game (D&D) led by Mike who knows the game in its most intricate form and can teach the kids as they go. My son loves the challenges, the competition and the camaraderie this program brings and we will continue to do it through the year. I also love the day programs Mike offers when school is out. They play D & D but also go to the park, the coffee shop and hang out all as good friends. Thank you so much Mike for creating such an incredible program. You Rock!

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