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What is this about?

Portland Plays hosts parties for kids or adults wanting a professionally run game of Dungeons & Dragons.  We specialize in groups with little or no experience wanting a single night of roleplaying or parents looking for a creative alternative for their kids enjoyment.

What happens at a session?

Most D&D sessions last between 2 and 4 hours. You tell us how long you want the game to last and the Game Master will pace things to end approximately on time. Players will be given a "character" of their choice to play and the Game Master will describe the world around them, offering quests and goals for them to pursue.  

Players tell the GM what their character does and the GM narrates the reaction of the world or other inhabitants around them.

For single session groups, there will be a relatively clear goal presented for the group to pursue. Princesses need rescued, Dragons need slain and treasures need to be liberated.

We specialize in parties!

Let us come keep you entertained for an evening. You'll be amazed at how fast time flies as your and your friends spend hours laughing and playing the most popular table top game ever made run by a Game Master with years of experience and nothing but your fun as a goal.

Birthday Parties for heroes

We will keep your party focused on fun and having a great time for as long as you'd like us to.  

We can sit down with a group of kids, get them engaged in the story and keep them enthusiastic and excited for hours at a time.

The birthday star gets treated like the hero! We will customize the story to whatever flavor they like. If they have a favorite fictional hero or storyline, we are more than happy to let them live that story!

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