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Neurodiversity is a perfect fit for roleplaying games

The Guardian recently released an article on how Dungeons & Dragons is helping the autistic community during these last couple of years. In the article, Shadia Hancock states what I think many of us game masters feel "“It’s about creating a sense of community,” Hancock says. “I work out the players’ expectations at the beginning of a game. Some get really into creating their characters, some are more interested in finding items and exploring the world, others are really interested in how the characters met. We all have a mutual love of gaming, but we all want something different from the session.”"

Most times Dungeons & Dragons is just a game. Just a fun way to pass time. When used with intention though, when run by someone willing to put in the effort and connect with players who struggle with social interactions, Dungeons & Dragons can become a gateway to moving past social anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. It can be a haven for all of us who don't always feel welcome at the table.

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