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What We’re All About

We make role playing accessible to all kids and adults. We'll set the stage for you to tell your story.

With the current surge in popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, there are a lot of people who want to try it but don't know the rules or just want someone else to run the game as Dungeon Master. 

I absolutely love running games for people who have never played the game as well as people who have been passionate about this hobby for a long time.  Having run several afterschool camps featuring a day of tabletop role-playing, I have seen the joy in kid's eyes as they get to fantasize without any screen in front of them.


Welcome to Portland Plays

Creative Interactive Game Play

I've played Dungeons & Dragons my whole life. I am overjoyed to see the popularity it's recently gained but realize it's both a little intimidating to start and difficult to find someone who is willing to run a game for you.  Let me run a game for you and your friends or a group of your kids. You'll spend time away from electronics and immersed in a fantasy adventure you all will remember and laugh about for years to come.


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Portland Oregon


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